FL6020 roll Suction defense penetration suction pad

FL6020 roll Suction defense penetration suction pad

Model No.︰PS92352LM

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Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Specifications︰ Item No: FL6020
Name: anti-permeability oil-absorbing blankets
Specifications: 60CM * 20m * 3MM
Oil absorption: 78 liters / box
Packing: 1 roll / box

Advantages︰ ■ For the environment
● Working aisle, large emergency spill area;
● mechanical vehicles, machinery and equipment maintenance, oil tool to place gaskets.
■ Main Features
        Working aisle and large paved ground dedicated machine maintenance, durable, will not produce pollution. Long life cycle, more cost savings.
● When servicing vehicles, motorcycles and machinery products spread on the ground, it can completely prevent oil pollution through absorbing cotton to the ground.
● ensure Any usage of anti-wear, tear is not afraid, not afraid to pull, not afraid of wear, even if there will not be saturated fiber loss;
● fully it resolved after absorbing cotton sucking oil penetration into the ground.

custom_attr8︰ The product may leak or laying prone to leaks where white suction surface facing the direction of the oil leak. Blue spacer film surface on the floor or platform.
Straight up after oil spill is absorbed absorbing cotton fibers. Even after absorbing saturation does not penetrate to the ground, the entire film was divided blue isolation, will not contaminate the ground or working platform.
Impermeable products solve permeate absorbing cotton to produce oil again contaminate the ground or working platform issues. The new network is currently developing the most advanced products.

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