Xinluo XL1256 strong suction pad a new generation of super suction

Xinluo XL1256 strong suction pad a new generation of super suction

Model No.︰XL1256

Brand Name︰XINLUO

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 16 / bag

Minimum Order︰1 bag

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Product Description

 applicable environment
● water, land, workshop floors, workstations and other oil spill sites;
● mechanical oil, drainage and wharf oil pollution prevention, cleaning, etc .;
● For light, low viscosity oil absorption rate of the best absorption capacity;
product description 
Strong suction and efficient suction pad is the new network of new companies listed in 2018 new technology products;
 A new generation of products to break through the original structure of fiber woven space to enhance oil absorption;
The new generation of product oil absorption Compared with the conventional structure of absorbent cotton, oil absorption increased by 3 times;
 unique design dot-shaped distribution, compared with the conventional common absorbent cotton doubled the point shape, reducing the point shape of the oil absorption;
Unique technology allows the product to double the tensile strength, surface treatment better, feel softer;
 In the field to deal with the same oil, the new generation of a new generation suction pad oil absorption, saving usage, more effort, more money.
 white means oil-specific, bright white design allows you to easily see whether the oil has been absorbed.
Applications: Suitable for oil, petrochemical solvent and non-water-soluble liquid leakage adsorption treatment, can be used with oil absorption cable, oil absorption pillow, sucking cotton lap and supporting the use effect is better.
Material characteristics; amphibious absorbent pad; polypropylene material, UV radiation, long-term outdoor storage without aging, with excellent flame resistance, after leaving the open flame combustion within 0.2 seconds to -0.4 seconds will be automatically extinguished, Only oil absorption is not absorbent, even after adsorption is saturated on the water surface.
Material Specifications: Melting point> 160 degrees Celsius, the flash point (not suitable for flash point measurement). The ignition temperature is 357 degrees Celsius at this temperature will burn, but left the flame, it will automatically extinguished.
Product stability: Polypropylene itself belongs to a very stable material, has a certain flame retardancy, but when the product is heated, it may soften until it melts.

Price Terms︰ FOB Shanghai

Payment Terms︰ TT

Standards Certificate︰ ISO9001:2008

Specifications︰ 500*400*6MM 50PCS/bag

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