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      Shanghai Xinluo New Material Co., LTD., established in March 2003, is specialized is engaged in the oil, leakage of dangerous chemicals such as "pollution prevention and control of materials and compound control of oil spill recovery equipment" of the development and production of specialized enterprises, the company established Shanghai investment holding new complex industrial co., LTD. Is a research and development enterprise and a environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises, is the east China area important distributing center of pollution prevention and pollution prevention equipment, can provide a full range of pollution prevention materials and oil spill recovery equipment, the main production: liquid absorbent cotton, gm cotton, chemical absorption cotton, boom, oil absorption, oil absorption pillow, linoleum absorption, oil absorption drag bar, PVC, rubber oil boom, jie fitow ® (jafirst) adsorbent liquid organic chemicals, oil spill dispersants, rotating disc, the weir, the dynamic cant type of receiving machine and ancillary equipment and all kinds of form a complete set, etc., have to deal with the gulf of Mexico oil spill, dalian new port 7.16 bombings and other maritime oil spill accidents and industrial, urban and Marine pollution prevention at home and abroad has made a positive contribution.   The company took the lead through the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification;A number of pollution prevention materials and equipment by the state environmental protection department, quality supervision and inspection departments and industry certification, by the national maritime bureau issued (Marine) special filing;, fujian, jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai maritime bureau, the Yangtze river maritime bureau, and part of Marine oil spill emergency processing center, environmental inspection team, aviation company, water company, petrochina, sinopec/sinopec examined number: supplier code: 40648950, sinopec gas station in this system, oil refining enterprises, the major shipping companies, heavy industry enterprises formed a close cooperation relationship;In 2009, after sinopec supplies and equipment supply department supplies strict appraisal system experts and leaders at all levels, I company with strong technical strength and standardized production management obtained the affirmation, become China's petrochemical unit of member of network of suppliers, supplier code: 40648950.In 2010, dalian to deal with the gulf of Mexico oil spill offers a wide range of oil spill emergency clean-up equipment, made a positive contribution.Since 2010, the key to the current application of one, two, three vessel pollution removal unit, port terminals, such as fujian maritime bureau, zhangjiagang maritime bureau, nantong maritime bureau, guangzhou maritime bureau, guangxi maritime bureau, Shanghai maritime bureau, xiamen maritime bureau jurisdiction by more than 30 enterprises provides a full range of pollution prevention equipment;On October 18, 2011, yantai oil spill response technical centre experts to guide factory inspection work, group leaders repeatedly visit to Europe, America peer enterprises, technical communication, research and development of a number of patented products, maritime bureau, ministry of transportation and maritime bureau directly under the crisis prevention management recognition of leadership and experts;On December 13, 2011, Shanghai maritime safety administration of the maritime system of ship oil spill clean-up equipment qualified suppliers and qualified service providers in Shanghai machinery &electric equipment tendering co., LTD., Shanghai maritime safety administration of the People's Republic of China Yangtze river estuary ships oil spill emergency equipment library project (number: tender documents 0613-11603506 2446/3) public bidding, the bid assessment committee assess, formal bidding;On April 28, 2012, as the fujian maritime bureau affiliated maritime system of ship oil spill clean-up equipment qualified suppliers and qualified service providers involved in winning the bidding agency co., LTD. Fujian is fujian maritime safety administration of the People's Republic of China oil spill removal of the procurement project (procurement project number: FJYS2012-037) public bidding way the bid;In June 2012 for zhangzhou teng gu lei sea port is equipped with a full set of clean equipment of oil spill, September for fujian kamata Wen Jia terminals equipped with a large number of oil spill recovery equipment;In 2013 the company developed block algae barricading get promote the use of large area, effect is obvious;In 2014, our company develop antifouling screen products get international recognition, are exported to the United States, Britain and other six countries;   "Outstanding from professional, success comes from quality", "after the scene oil, surround removal of spilled oil control" and "do leak prevention and control of industry leading" is a new complex filter material of the enterprise purpose;"Focus on environmental protection industrial product development, new products constantly updated, ensure you one step ahead";Currently: jie fitow ® (jafirst) liquid organic chemical adsorbent, jie fitow ® (jafirst) oil spill dispersants, series of suction linoleum anti-pollution products has passed the certification of national maritime environmental assessment and acting investment promotion work is being carried out at a nationwide;Under the blue sky, are you more brilliant!Welcome environmental protection person;




A cotton, oil absorption, oil absorption
- absorbing oil, not bibulous




Low 100% polypropylene materials, strong absorption."Can't absorb any oil, water absorption and water solvent.Low is suitable for the land, the water.Low water absorption to fill oil saturation state, also can float indefinitely.Low able to squeeze out as much as 80% extra oil after repeated use.Able to machine after using incineration, and ash less than 0.2%.Low product availability shape: sheet, coil, strip, pillow, fence.




Generic class liquid sorbent
-- -- -- -- -- absorbing oil, water, and non corrosive liquids

Through special processing of polypropylene, use is wider.
Where any oil, water, solvent, etc.
Low light weight, strong absorption.
Low advanced scientific methods of production product pull well absorb quickly, save, which is convenient to use.
Low to burning and low ash content.
Low light, no grey method.
Low product availability shape: sheet, coil, strip, pillow.

Absorb cotton, universal chemical hazards
- to absorb any liquid, including acid alkali



Low 100% polypropylene, after treated with surfactants absorbs all liquid - water to hydrofluoric acid.
Low acid and alkali resistance.
Low weight, absorption ability and fast.
Complete specifications, use more convenient and quick.
Yellow is easy to see, to help prevent misuse spill-proof spare parts.
Low product availability shape: sheet, coil, strip, pillow



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